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From the moment I picked up this book, I found myself captivated by the "gut-wrenching" details of torture and tragedy that was Rebecca's life! How could one person struggle so hard from an early age, yet still find the strength and determination to go on? She escaped a civil war, yet, as a Canadian, I had little knowledge that such brutality and corruption was happening just across the ocean. In this book, Rebecca opened my eyes to the blessings we so often take for granted living in this great country, and also, she inspired me to believe that anything is possible if you work hard to make it happen. At the end of the book I found myself wanting to read more and curious about the next chapter in her life. God-willing, Rebecca will turn her trials into triumphs and will come to find solace in her "promised land", where she is now "strong and free"! I recommend this book to all my fellow Canadians who occasionally disregard our privileged lifestyles and to all of those who need a little inspiration to make something happen!  

–Tracy Young

This book is a true inspiration to all those that were ever faced with hardships but dreamed of more. The decision to achieve her dreams in her "Promise Land" gave Rebecca the strength to keep fighting even when times became unbearable. This book is a great reminder that if you truly want something, nothing should stand in your way!!!!

–Jennifer Kingston

A great read!!! A very hard journey to get to her freedom. Strong and free really fits. An very inspiring book.

–John Warwick

The book is fantastic! The descriptions were vivid enough for me to actually visualize and experience while reading, what Rebecca endured. She went through a lot yet in every circumstance of hardship she persevered. I felt energized, comforted and inspired by this book.

–Tina Oke

I haven't had the opportunity to lay hands on the book as yet, but I can attest to some of the things she went through as I happen to hail from the same country as hers-"Sierra Leone", but even more so because I am her eldest brother who had painfully seen her go through some of life's ordeal. Some of her other ordeals I later learnt about- sending waves of painful emotional shock down my spine. Even as I speak, she continues to experience some rough and tough situations; but be that as it may, my comments will be words of commendation-"BRAVO BECKY" you are an example to many for emulation, keep the faith, hold on to the fortress, and most of all consolidate your relationship with your creator, the journey of life continues, and he will always be there when you need him most.

–Arnold Macauley

Out of the many people I have met, Rebecca Macauley Campbell is probably the most impressive. With her life story she truly has a significant narrative and message to share with others. Her tale is both gripping and meaningful, and I highly recommend it to anyone over the age of 16. She has repeatedly endured extremely challenging tribulations and travails, yet she has always gone on to flourish again and maintained her optimism and joie de vivre. This book is not only a good read; it may also be used as a conceptual roadmap for improving one's outlook and life. You will be moved by this book.

–Mark Friedman

Becky received support from the Canadian Business Development Corporation and “Women in Business” See their site and Becky's Success Story.  Click Here 


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